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How do you use solid Polish?

For example, if the shoes are cowhide, before the shoe oil, the first to use dry cloth to wipe the shoes, so that the dust is removed, and then the shoe oil, if it is solid, preferably with a soft dry cloth stained with shoe polish to wipe the test, dry and dry cloth to wipe the test. If is the liquid shoe polish, uses the soft dry cloth to rub the dust, then uses the liquid shoe polish directly to hit, the natural dry can.

The surface of the shoe and the person's face is a truth, if you rub too much skin care products, too much to bear too many cosmetics, long-term past, bad for the skin, shoes also so.

If the shoes are easy to crack, your shoes are in previous years, then the description in your store, the shoes do not have adequate protection, direct storage, so after a period of time, the skin will also have a certain amount of water evaporation, will also cause the appearance of skin.

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