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How to maintain hiking shoes

Before the new shoes are worn for the first time, use a protective spray to maintain the leather, strengthen or restore its water transfer function, before spraying, remove the laces to ensure that all the concealed parts and gaps (especially the hidden parts near the tongue) can be sprayed.

After the shoes are worn, loosen the shoelace, remove the insole, make sure the shoes are fully dry, even if it is a few days of travel, do not neglect the maintenance of shoes, especially dirty shoes, brush and a small amount of warm water, wash away mud and stains, recommend the use of specialized shoes cleaning lotion.

Do not put your shoes in the vicinity of the heat source, such as heaters, ovens, car dashboard or tail of the luggage rack and luggage, wet leather can easily be "burnt" (become brittle and wrinkle), which often causes the fold parts can not be remedied tearing.

If the shoe material is genuine leather material, also need to often use moisturizing care agent or hand lotion maintenance, foot sweat and the salt in it, will erode the dermis, make it dry, brittle hardens.

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