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What about the moldy leather shoes?

Once the leather shoes moldy, should be dealt with promptly. Before processing, to see the situation clearly different treatment, first of all to identify what kind of frost spots.

1. Oil cream is a white powdery substance, easier to wipe, when ironing with an iron, even with the hands of a moment, it will melt and disappear, but soon (after cooling) may still appear.

2. The salt frost is off-white, the appearance is similar to the oil frost, but the salt frost cannot use the iron and so on heating the method to make it disappear. Generally can wipe with wet cloth, very easy to wipe away but will still appear soon.

3. The mildew frost wipes with the dry cloth, may wipe down the gray green and so on the color ash shape.

The method of removing mildew stain of leather shoes is: First, dry the leather shoes, and then with damp cloth (such as forcibly wring dry towel) gently wiped salt frost, and so the salt frost disappears, will dry shoes, then again with a damp cloth rub once, after a bit of carefully rub shoeshine can.

4. In addition to the leather shoes moldy, can also be used soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1:1) solution for wiping, and then put in the ventilated place to dry, mildew spots can be eliminated.

5. Avoid washing and contact with chemical solvents when cleaning shoes.

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