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How To Maintain Oil Wax Shoes

1. New shoes are not coated shoe oil, in order to protect the new shoes, before wearing, in the oil wax leather shoes in the leather coat on the appropriate amount of special shoe polish, can be very good to maintain the color and brightness of leather shoes.

2. If the color of the oil wax shoes is found to be lighter, then it is necessary to polish the time, remember that you can not use ordinary shoe polish, dry cloth or bright upper wax and other special shoe polish.

3. Use the shoe last to prevent the deformation of shoes: to prevent shoe deformation, plug into the shoe last effect of the best, foot shape, walking method, body temperature and moisture, rain and other factors will lead to shoes, especially the foot sweat or rain, must use shoes Shang fixed shoe shape, because the body temperature and moisture will let the leather relaxation, in the shoe body temperature must be set up.

4. In general, no longer like shoes can wear every day, to know that shoes also have fatigue, oh, when wearing oil wax shoes must be more to prepare a few pairs to wear, different shoes exchange use is to prevent the aging of the shoe one way.

5. Put your shoes on without wearing, should be in the leather shoes surface coated with oil wax shoes dedicated oil, this can make the leather preservation for a long time, if the shoes do not wear for a long time, dust easy to attach in the upper, the easiest way is to use the old silk stockings cover, both convenient and clean.

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