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Buy shoe polish, should be rubbed on the leather shoes after bright, easy to dry shrinkage, no strong special smell of good.

1. Selection of aluminum hose shoe polish, the appearance of the logo clear, bright color, straight tube body, upright, full, tail welding seal Close, not broken, not open the lid to smell the smell of shoeshine; After the opening of the shoe does not overflow, light pressure tube, the pipe mouth is the oil, squeeze the shoe polish delicate. Pipe cover screw can be tightened, easy to unscrew open.

2. Selection of iron flat-boxed shoe polish, the appearance pattern trademark is clear, the color is vivid, before the lid can not smell the shoe polish taste, after opening the shoe polish surface flat, bright, smooth, no grain, no cracks, no white frost, no caking, shoeshine and iron cover immediately without cracks, lid open freely.

3. Liquid shoe polish should choose the appearance of beautiful, packaging body without rupture, packaging cover reliable, odorless overflow products.

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