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What Are The Types Of Shoeshine?

The main components of shoe polish are paraffin wax and shellac, Shellac makes leather shoes soft, tough, prolonged life, is the main material shiny shoes. There are many brands of shoes in the market, but it can be divided into three types: emulsion type, oil type and liquid type.

Emulsion type: Is the most common in the market at present, it is the most used one, it is particularly suitable for humid and rainy areas, the latex type shoe polish mainly consists of wax, water and shellac oil, it is divided into water package oil type and oil package water Type 2 kinds, the former is universal.

Oil type: Mainly consists of wax and oil, does not contain water. Therefore, it is more water-resistant than emulsion, but if the long-term use of oil-type shoe polish, will make the leather color light, oil-type shoe polish and latex-type shoe polish with better results.

Liquid: It is made of emulsified wax and water. This shoeshine doesn't need wiping. The leather can be polished only on leather shoes.

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