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Colorful Leather Color Fixing Liquid Chemicals, Leather Paint Dyes and Raw Edge Ink

MD-800 Liquid dyes series Can be mixed with shoe creams and top coats to create the desired shadow and antique effects. MD-801 Black MD-802 Brown MD-803 Burgundy MD-804 Scarlet MD-805 Ochre MD-806 Navy MD-807 Orange MD-808 Yellow MD-809 Tan MD-810 Green MD-811 Bright yellow MD-812 Bright red...

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MD-800  Liquid dyes series
Can be mixed with shoe creams and top coats to create the desired shadow and antique effects.

MD-801  Black
MD-802  Brown
MD-803  Burgundy
MD-804  Scarlet
MD-805  Ochre
MD-806  Navy
MD-807  Orange
MD-808  Yellow
MD-809  Tan
MD-810  Green
MD-811  Bright yellow
MD-812  Bright red


RP-820  Repairers series
Solvent-based liquid repairer. To cover the defects occurred during the production such as scratches and differences in color shades.

RP-821  Black
RP-822  Brown
RP-823  Burgundy
RP-824  Scarlet
RP-825  Ochre
RP-826  Navy
RP-827  Orange
RP-828  Yellow
RP-829  Tan
RP-830  Green
RP-832  Red
RP-838  White

RI-840  Raw edge inks series
Edge finish imparts good adhesion and flexes resistance. It comes in various colors. There are two type of gloss: glossy(H) and matt (L)

RI-841  Black
RI-842  Brown
RI-843  Burgundy
RI-844  Scarlet
RI-845  Ochre
RI-846  Navy
RI-847  Orange
RI-848  Yellow
RI-849  Tan
RI-850  Green
RI-852  Red
RI-858  White

MP-860  Metallic / Pearl powder series
The normal metallic or pearl powder adding tinto lacquer as a reparer for metallic shoe upper face the insufficient gloss, MP 860 series metallic / pearl powder are very fine and glosy powder selected from Europe supplier to solve this issue.

MP-861  Grey silver
MP-862  White silver
MP-863  Pearl
MP-864  Red gold
MP-867  Green gold
MP-868  Yellow gold
MP-869  Bronze

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Guang Zhou Geao Polymer Materials Co., Ltd is an energic steady developing company. It deals in 3 type of chemical:
Shoe finishing chemical;
Leather finishing chemical;
Leather/shoes care products.

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